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06 Apr: Flow Through In-Grade by Hydrel
Combining underwater lighting technology with modular design, M9000 Series in-grade luminaires deliver industry-leading photometric performance, water-tight construction where needed, and minimal maintenance.
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02 Apr: Full Circle by Mark Lighting
Imagine it, and bring it to life with Full Circle luminaires. Available in circular shapes, arc sections, straight sections and organic shapes, Full Circle luminaires offer endless possibilities for bending the rules with amazing results.
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01 Apr: OLE4 Linear by Peerless
OLED and LED sources, each employed in their optimal functionality, pair together to produce results neither can achieve alone. Olessence delivers the best of form and function with a thin, contemporary design.
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26 Mar: Light Engine by Lumenpulse
Lumenpulse, a leading manufacturer of high-performance, specification-grade LED lighting solutions, has launched the Lumencentro, a breakthrough core light engine technology
Vector 2
09 Mar: Vector 2 Pendant by Deco
The Vector 2 Pendant is a 2-7/16” wide linear architectural luminaire. While the Vector has a slim and discreet profile, it provides excellent illumination for offices, laboratories, libraries, and commercial spaces.